sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2009

An Outline of English Phonology

ICELT session taught today:

This session is devided in three parts. The first one is a brief overview of the phonological system of English. The second part contrasts Portuguese and English stress-marking features. Throughout the remainder of the session, the participants will have the chance to compare the characteristics of stress (and pitch-accent) in the two languages and see how stress-marking alone can have a significant influence on intonation patterns at word level, sentence level and discourse level.

L2 Acquisition and Methodologies

Lecture given at the Cel-Lep conference:

In a world full of research and scientific studies about 2nd language acquisition, we teachers are often caught up in the middle of new approaches and methodologies based on the latest research and trends (even in a so-called “post-method era”). The methodology changes, teachers go through new trainings, development courses, reflective teaching sessions or whatchamacallit. What about the teacher? And the learner? And the language being taught? In this session we will have a chance to approach these questions as well as the acquisition processes a learner goes through in his English learning experience.