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Grammar Course for Teachers


General Description:
Grammar has long been considered a black box which we teachers put our hands into. The purpose of this course is to show teachers that grammar is an intriguing area that does not always present us with definite results. Instead, the choice of what or how much to teach often times depends on the teacher, based on their knowledge of the topics being taught.

Grammar Points Covered:
The participants will be led to analyze and explore different grammar points, expanding their grammatical knowledge and deciding what and how much grammar they should teach their students. The discussions and exercises include the following:

·Verb Tenses (time X tense; tense and aspect)·Modals (degrees of obligation / necessity/ possibility (including will and going to); simple X periphrastic modals; present, past and future using modals
·Passive x Active Voice (structure and usage)
·Relative Clauses (meaning, structure, restrictive X nonrestrictive)
·Conditionals (Comparison of all conditionals, including mixed constructions)
·Have (causative, experiential)
·Phrasal verbs (phrasal verbs and verbs x prepositions; pronunciation; phrasal verbs x latinate verbs)

The participants will have to do research on the grammar topics prior to the sessions. Each grammar topic will be discussed and researched. At the end of each grammar topic, the participants will have a chance to discuss possible ways to present the grammar point studied. By the end of the course teachers will consider grammar to be a research program under constant development rather than simple formulas to be passed on.

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