terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Language Tips 2: pronunciation

The word “climb” is pronounced with a silent ‘b,’ which makes its pronunciation ‘klime.’
Its -ing form form is pronounced ‘kly-ming’ totally b-less. The person who climbs (‘klimes’) is a ‘kly-mer.’

In the spirit of silent “b’s,” I put together a few words that have silent b’s in spelling but which are NOT pronounced:

climb, climber, lamb, numb, dumb, thumb, bomb, plumber, plumbing, tomb, debt, comb, crumb

Also, just out of curiosity, notice that the combination "-omb" can have different realizations. Next to some of the words below, I've placed one word that rhymes with it so you know what vowel value the combination "-omb" may have:

bomb - Tom
tomb - boom
comb - foam

Still in the spirit of silent sounds, Notice that the "Ls" in the following words are NOT pronounced:

half - calf
talk - walk - chalk
would - should - could
balm - palm - calm
salmon - lincoln - almond

Monitor these words whenever you can.

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