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Do bilingual children NECESSARILY start speaking later?

Recently I have been to congresses and conferences in which the well-established view that bilingual children ALWAYS start speaking late might constitute a fallacy. No one has presented a paper on it, but I came across this article by a researcher interested in the matter. I highly recommend reading it. I also found out through observation of bilingual children that there are SOME (yes, some!) processes of language development. Some kids will start babbling, producing sounds, syllables and then words, others will start humming and will bring in words later.The process is not so cut-and-dry... Click on the link to the article:

bilingualism and language delay

I also recommend reading this Q-A between a specialist in bilingualism and a concerned teacher. The context is that the language delay might be connected to bilingualism and the concern seems to be: "is it language delay or autism?"
Before reading the article, it is important to make it clear to all: there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that bilingualism or multilingualism CAUSE language disorders such as autism (which is genetically driven). I have not yet come across any studies which show such evidence. Any "opinions" by professionals connecting language disorders to bilingualism results from sheer lack of information. ALWAYS look for a second opinion, preferably from a professional who understands the context of bilingualism/multilingualism.

Bilingualism and language disorders

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